Analong Rechargeable AA Batteries for Digital Cameras 1.2V 2200mAh Ni-MH (Pre-charged)


Original AA 1.2V 2200mAh analong  rechargeable AA Ni-MH battery
These batteries come pre-charged and ready to use as soon as you pull them out of the package. Be prepared and have a full set of working pre-charged AA batteries at your disposal.
. Model: 2200mAh
. Dimension (max): Diameter:14.5(mm)  Height:50.5(mm)
. Capacity:2200mAh Voltage:1.2(V)
. Standard Charge->Current:220(mA) Time:15(H)
. Rapid Charge->Current:660(mA) Time:4(H)
. Application:Digital camera,portable video,game,flashlight,remote control,toy,MP3/MP4 playe,electric razor
AA size ni-mh rechargeable battery: Support high drain devices, 1200 times cycles.
1. Ready for use: Precharged, ready for immediate use.
2. Low self discharge: analong holds 90% capacity after 12 months at store, good capacity retention.
3. Four times longer lasting: analong takes four times more shots than alkaline battery for a digital camera. analong supports high drain devices.
4. Economic: Can be recharged and reused for up to 1200 times.
5. Environmentally friendly: Produce less waste than disposable batteries & enable energy and raw material savings.
6. Good for all applications: Digital camera, portable video, game, flashlight, remote control, toy, MP3/MP4 player, electric razor.
7. Latest Battery Technology achieve the best performance of alkaline and NiMH battery.



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